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Foundation For Fortitude

Foundation For Fortitude

Foundation For Fortitude approached us to rebrand their non-profit and build them a new mobile friendly website. It took us a week to come up with this stunning piece. And the client is very satisfied.

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Client Desctription

FOUNDATION FOR FORTITUDE, INC. (FFF) was established in November 2010 as non-profit organization with an operating head office in Jacksonville Florida. Its core mission is to expose young women to individual development training and seminars that would increase their awareness of financial and budgeting techniques, employment and college preparedness, leadership building opportunities public service involvement and other internal growth aspects to address the concept of the whole woman.

ThinkTop Group Description

Art Director: Jean E. Gustave
Designer/Developper(s): Jean E. Gustave
Creative Writing/Consulting: Steve Ibeawuchi
Proposal Description:

Foundation For Fortitude Website was built in Flash, 2010. The President, Sherry Blue, hired us to rebrand the organization. We designed the logo and re-built the website.

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