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iEnvy Online

iEnvy Online

iEnvy Online is one of the most promising online clothing stores. Its CEO was referred to us by one of our clients. We designed and built an E-commerce website she is proud of.

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Client Desctription

iEnvy is an American based and online retail store that offer fashion for women. iEnvy is an online clothing store created in the idea of making fashion fun. Fashion is a passion which gives you the ability to be edgy, unique and versatile.

iEnvy online is more than a clothing store and boutique , its an experience and a place you can trust when it comes to finding the best outfit for any occasion. We bring you the lastest trends at affordable prices. iEnvy offers fast shipping services and high quality. All Items Are Priced 100.00 & Under! Shopping with iEnvy will make others ENVY YOU!

ThinkTop Group Description

Art Director: Jean E. Gustave
Designer/Developper(s): Jean E. Gustave
Creative Writing/Consulting: Ethelbert Nwanegbo
Proposal Description:

iEnvy online was built with WordPress. The client wanted to be able to upload products by herself and to be independent with her website. So, we used WordPress CMS to make it easier for the client to achieve her obective.

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