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Sales Representative,
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Position Summary

The Sales Representative is responsible for sourcing and engaging potential leads, creating sales and facilitating sales growth for our agency. This role will include identifying, engaging, and sales qualifying opportunities sourced through ThinkTop Media Group, and other 3rd parties. The role requires an individual with good communication skills, who can relate well with other members of staff, clients, and prospective clients; identify and highlight opportunities, and facilitate follow-ups. This role requires 1+ year of sales or direct sales experience. This role will be measured by the value of the qualified opportunities they generate for the agency.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

•Work with team members to understand how we plan to expand ThinkTop Media Group business
•Have a deep understanding of how ThinkTop Media Group operates
•Understand ThinkTop Media Group’s capabilities and accurately articulate our value proposition to all contacts
•Participate in web casts, campaigns, etc. to educate field sellers and drive net new revenue opportunities
•Develop and progress sales leads through outbound communications and managing inbound/outbound contacts
•Develop relationships with partnership reps, search agencies, and other 3rd parties to promote ThinkTop Media Group and mine for client opportunities
•Prioritize and connect with leads generated at boot camps, meet-ups, and industry events to cultivate opportunities
•Work within ThinkTop Media Group to identify and develop new leads
•Participate in weekly sales status calls with internal and partner seller teams
•Set up and facilitate meeting with partnership sales reps to drive net new opportunity identification
•Research and prioritize client opportunities and create pursuit team plans, especially related to partnership opportunities
•Support all ThinkTop Media Group regions and industry groups in creating, mining, and prioritizing pursuit lists
•Navigate key partnerships to facilitate future sales opportunities
•Build the BD pipeline with new client contacts and prospects, identify potential areas for engagement with these prospects
•Commit to and deliver professional excellence in all communications

Required Skills and Experience

•1+ year successful professional experience in sales
•Strong understanding of ThinkTop Media Group strategy, offerings, and differentiators vs. competitors
•Strong understanding of the Internet including industry trends, key players, terminology and overall economics of the marketplace with ability to craft integrated Web business strategies
•Strong goal-orientation with proven experience in building a pipeline of new business
•Strong analytical skills, including market strategy, customer requirements and success factors, and a value-based selling process
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively inform and organize a multi-person sales effort
•The candidate should have an innate ability to understand client need statements and create compelling sales strategies to meet these needs

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to careers[at]thinktopgroup.com

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